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studio italia - Nostalgia SO1


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A perfect blend of retro and modern, this decorative pendant design is made from blown glass and utilizes the most advanced led technology. Small, medium, large in four different rich colors: gold, silver, rose gold and clear glass gives the possibility to create and play with the fixtures, creating a contact with the same and allowing customization of the compositions. These details and materials, used in their creation, characterizes the influence of the venetian context where the company resides, careful and high-quality workmanship of the glass reflects the ancient tradition of glass. The chrome metal structure holds the led light source, which produces a warm light that becomes slightly visible once lit. The reflective element of the glass remains constant, yet changes with the advent of the light that peers through the glass.


studio italia

DesingerDima Loginoff
Area of ApplicationHome-Office
Lamp TypeSuspended
Light Directiondown
Dimension40 mm
AvailabilityIn Stock (1 week delivery), Upon Order(6-8 weeks delivery)

including canopy

PDF Datasheet Nostalgia_So1.pdf